Minisite Design

Do you already have a business website but looking for some promotion guideline for your new product launch? Well… you can think of considering a minisite. Some of you might wonder about what in reality a minisite is. Well, in reality, it is actually a smaller version of a conventional website. In the case of a mini website the focus is largely based on a narrow focus. We can say that there are similar terms which also mean the same as mini site. They are known as sitelet and microsite. In the case of a minisite the audience browsing the internet are advised to link directly to the mini website. With us, you will find a whole range of graphical designs for the purpose of minisite design and minisite template. It must be lurking at the back of your mind that why you must choose us as your mini website designer. Well, for that we can answer that we provide quality services at the cost of peanuts.

However, if you are in business with only one or two product, you can also create a minisite rather than spend a lot for a big package!

Why choose MINISITE?

  1. Customized design to give unique, user-friendly look.
  2. Responsive web development to run on any devices.
  3. Easy Navigation tools help the browser to jump from one page to other.
  4. CMS facility helps you to control your content.
  5. You can optimize and rank in popular search engines by using SEO.
  6. It comes with security as well as backup facility.

Though, Minisite focuses on narrow subjects with few pages, but as you can see, if skillfully designed, it can run as fast as any other website. Esigners can design minisite that goes best with your website

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