Landing Page Design

Creation of a proper and interactive landing page is the primary thing that you should look for when entering the world of online marketing. A Landing Page does not just mean to the home page. Landing pages are designed with a special object – known as a Call to Action (CTA). All these pages must be very cautiously and competently designed so that your browsers have all the details they need, without any useless page redirection and deceiving links and/or content.

The landing page is perhaps the most important aspect of internet marketing. In reality, it is a web page that targets a certain audience so that they can be offered something of value. Landing page should be captivating enough to arrest the interest of the reader. The design of a landing page should be such that the customer receives a call to action – whether be to request a quote, initiate a free trial or acquire a certain item. The creative and outstanding landing page design made at Esigners speaks volumes of the professionalism with which we deal with the target audience.

Below are few things we focus while creating Landing Page that helps in drawing traffic with low bounce rate –

  1. Perfect creative header meeting visitor’s as well as client’s expectation.
  2. Highlighted content encouraging further conversation and call to action.
  3. Interactive CTA button and Conversion form.
  4. Addition of Customer reviews, and feed-back.
  5. Personalized landing pages that run effectively on handheld devices (fully responsive design and implementation.

So, you can be very sure that Esigners are here to take the best care of your site.

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